Strategies and Tool for Mitigating Equipment Aging

The Chockie Group International (CGI) brings together the expertise of specialists in plant/facilities maintenance, operations and engineering to provide tailored solutions for both domestic and international businesses and organizations.

CGI is dedicated to its clients’ success and is committed to the concept that individual and team improvement efforts can make a difference.  Our goal is to help clients maximize the value of their plant and organizational resources and assets

Support Programs

CGI  has supported numerous organizations in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
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  Cast Austenitic Stainless Steel (CASS) Inspection

Cast austenitic stainless steel (CASS) is widely used in the primary coolant piping system in pressurized water nuclear reactors.  CGI has assisted organizations in the US, Japan, and Europe assess and improved CASS inspection techniques.  

From 2006 to 2012 CGI held four workshops on future directions on
improving the inspection of CASS piping.   

Risk-Informed Inservice

Risk-informed inservice inspection (RI-ISI) provides a structured and systematic framework for allocating inspection resources in a cost-effective manner while improving plant safety.  RI-ISI helps focus inspections where failure mechanisms are likely and where enhanced inspections are warranted.

CGI has been actively involved in the development and application of RI-ISI programs around the world.

Maintenance Improvement

Focussed maintenance strategies are critical for both safe and efficient facility operations.  CGI has worked with regulators, research organizations, utilities, and companies to develop, implement, and refine maintenance strategies.  This has included support for Norwegian offshore oil operations, oversite of nuclear plant operations in Sweden, and airport and port maintenance in the United States.  

Safety Awareness

CGI has assisted companies and government agencies assess incidents and accidents and develop methods and strategies to improve safety awareness.  This has included the investivation of the US Forest Service Thirty Mile Fire.  

Operations & Contractors

Contractor-related accidents have revealed weaknesses with the existing contract management processes for the procurement of maintenance support and components.  CGI provided assistance to the Swedish nuclear regulator on changes in the nuclear industry that impact oversight and operational safety.